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#33: Dr. Will Bulsiewicz - The Scary Secrets Of The Microbiome

“Learning about the microbiome has changed the way I think about myself on this planet.”

”All health and disease starts in the gut.”

Hey, hey Freedom Pact family! Today on the show I am delighted to introduce leading gut health expert - Dr. Will Bulsiewicz.

Will or ‘Dr. B’ @theguthealthmd is a medical graduate from Georgetown university, is a speaker, blogger and microbiome specialist. Some of Will’s works has been publicised in leading magazines such as Men’s health, Readers digest & The huffington Post.

In today’s podcast you will learn:
- What the microbiome is & why it essentially controls who we are
- Why it matters so much
- The scary correlation between the microbiome & mental health
- The reason that having a C-section birth is dangerous for your child
- The research-backed diet for optimising gut-health
- The potential reason you can’t lose any weight
- Books for optimising gut health & much more

Dr. B’s Instagram: @theguthealthmd
Dr. B’s website:

Joe: @josephnewtonpd
Lewis: @lewisedwardcoach

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