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#32: Caroline Adams Miller - Grit

''You can't keep, what you don’t give away.'' - Caroline Adams Miller

In this episode of the Freedom Pact, we are joined by psychologist Caroline Adams Miller @cmcoaching. Caroline's a best-selling author with books such as 'Getting Grit', 'Creating your best life', and the book entitled 'My name is Caroline' documents Caroline's personal journey with recovery from bulimia, and has been credited with deeply impacting thousands of women's lives.

In this episode, you will learn all about Caroline's personal struggles with bulimia, that she kept secret for many years, as well as her dysfunctional home relationship. You'll learn about goal-setting, building positive self-esteem, all about this new hot topic of 'Grit' and also many other things including Caroline's routines & rituals, her favourite books, and her advice to women trying to break through the glass ceiling.

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