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#87: Dr Jessamy Hibberd - Mental Health Tools For The Coronavirus Pandemic

''You're not stuck at home, you're safe at home.'' - @DrJessamy

Whilst there’s so much focus in the world right now on keeping people physically safe, with added economical stress, stress of yourself or a loved one getting sick or perhaps os even sick, a lack of social connection and many places like gym’s being closed - mental health has taken a real hit.

I reached out to Jessamy a few weeks back to see if she would come back on and share her thoughts on dealing with loneliness, how to cope with so much uncertainty in the world, how to deal with the stress of the coronavirus, and also how can we try to make the best out of the situation.

Jessamy was happy to come back on and tackle these topics, and we are so delighted to have her back on, because she is so damn good at what at she does. I personally took so much away from this interview, and I hope that this podcast can help you or a loved on.

I hope you enjoy this much needed interview, with the incredible Dr Jessamy.

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