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#88: Chris Voss - Everyday Negotiation Tactics From An FBI Hostage Negotiator

“Never be mean to someone that can hurt you by doing nothing.” - @fbinegotiator

Today on the show, we are joined by Chris Voss. Chris Voss was the former FBI Lead Hostage Negotiator up until 2007. Chris is the best-selling author of the book “Never Split the difference” and is also the founder of the Black Swan group.

Crossing the road is a negotiation. Getting a coffee at Starbucks is a negotiation. Anytime someone asks you for something it’s a negotiation. You’re probably in 3-7 different negotiations every single day, and your life could be in a much better place by learning how to negotiate.

In this episode you will learn negotiation techniques like how to use someone amygdala to your advantage, mirroring, labelling, tactical empathy, curiosity, the power of correction, the power of how and much more.

Chris can be found here:
IG: @fbinegotiator
TW: @vossnegotiaton
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