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#86 Anthony Ogogo: Olympian Mindset & Dealing With Setbacks

Anthony Ogogo is a former Olympian, boxer & current professional wrestler.
Anthony won a bronze medal in the middleweight division at the 2012 Olympics in London, before turning professional in 2013.

Anthony has dealt with many roadblocks in his career, which we discuss in depth throughout this conversation. These roadblocks eventually ended in Anthony having to retire from boxing due to injury.

Anthony is now signed to professional wrestling organisation AEW.

In this honest and cutting conversation, Anthony and I explore questions such as:
What mental traits do Olympians possess?
How do we properly set goals?
What is the right way to deal with failure?
How can we shift the 'goalposts'?
How can we avoid setbacks defining us?
How do we find our identity and meaning in life?
& Much more