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#85: Dr Jonah Berger - The New Psychology Of Influence

Today on the show, we are joined by Dr Jonah Berger.

Jonah is a marketing professor at the highly prestigious Wharton School of business at the University of Pennsylvania, and he received his PhD from Stanford.

As well as that, he is a 3x best-selling author of books that include the smash-hit Contagious, Invisible influence and his latest piece The Catalyst: How to change anybody’s mind.

Jonah has consulted for Nike, Apple, the Gates Foundation and is a world-renowned expert on change and influence.

Jonah has spent years studying influence, consumer behaviour and change. Today we are discussing the results of Jonah’s research into influence, that look at how we can change someone’s mind. Perhaps it’s a spouses mind you want to change, or a bosses or a peer group. Jonah found Five hidden factors through his research that impede change, and we look at this and the new psychology of influence.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Dr Jonah Berger.

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