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#68: Dr. Jack Wolfson - The Caveman Approach To Reversing Heart Disease

oday on the show we are joined by Dr Jack Wolfson.

Jack is a board-certified cardiologist with more than 17 years of practise under his belt. Jack is now recognised as one of the leading voices into holistic health, natural and preventative heart health care.

Having been featured on CNN, Fox and NBC countless times as well as being a best-selling author of the smash hit book The Paleo Cardiologist, Jack has made it his life’s mission to promote an overall approach to wellness. As well as being an in-demand Key-note speaker, Jack has been awarded the top holistic MD award in Phoenix for 5 out of the last 6 years, which is just insane to think about.

Jack is certainly not a man who is afraid to speak his mind, and his often hard-hitting opinions have seen him recieve death threats, complaints to his medical board, being banned off of social platforms like Pinterest. However, he feels so strongly about an evolutionary approach to living that he says he’s never felt more empowered to speak his truth.

In this episode we cover so so much. We cover Jack’s core philosophy of the caveman approach to holistic living, we delve into sleep, exercise, how modern society is so detrimental to mental health, why Jack goes to sleep at 7:30pm, how modern society is causing erectile dysfunction in young men, and Jack shares his thoughts on naturally reversing heart disease.

I highly highly highly recommend you listen to the full thing.

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