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#67: Anthony Trucks - Former NFL Player On Living A Life Forged By Fire

Welcome back! So good of you to join us again.

Well, there’s a big one today guys.

Today on the show, we are joined by former NFL player for the Buccaneers, redskins and steelers, American Ninja Warrior, International keynote speaker, best-selling author and identity coach - Anthony Trucks.

I said a while back that there was big things happening around here. Big changes, big name-guests, and I’m sorry I go on about this, but this show is our baby, and to think we’ve gone from voice recording on our phone in a carpark to interviewing NFL players, as well as building up this community of action takers. I couldn’t be any damn prouder. And, stay tuned for what’s to come.

Anyway, I digress.

The title of Anthony’s book is ‘a life forged by fire.’ ‘’Please tell my children who their father was’’ was the text message that Anthony had sent out at 28 to who his loved ones as he drove around searching for rat poison to take his own life.

Throughout Anthony’s life, he has experienced what he defines as ‘’20 life shattering identity shifts’’ that have taken him from being given into a foster care home at 3, beaten and abused as a child, not finding his biological father until he was 21, discovering his wife had an affair, getting divorced, having his playing career in the NFL cut short, it’s safe to say that this man has endured trauma.

One of the fascinating things about Anthony, is that he’s endured so much, but yet he always made it through the other side. My question then is ‘’why and how??’’ How does one make it through all of that and prosper, when just one of those pieces of trauma are enough to send others down the precipice. Well, we’re going to find out today.

This was a real wide-ranging conversation, from relationships, to the benefit of coaches, to recovering from trauma, to how to like yourself more. It really was a great conversation.

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