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#69: Scott H Young - How To Learn Anything Rapidly Through The Science Of Ultralearning

Today on the show we are joined by Scott Young. Scott is a writer, a programmer, traveler and self-experimentalist.

In 2012, Scott became known in Interweb circles for famously completing a 4-year MIT undergraduate computer science course in 12 months. All without taking a single class. In one year, Scott successfully managed to complete 33 classes and all of the required classes, all whilst saving himself $100,000’s of dollars worth of debt.

In 2014, Scott undertook another extensive self-directed learning project, this time with the focus on languages. Going an entire year without speaking a word of English whilst living around the world, Scott achieved an excellent level in Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese and Korea.

Scott’s other aggressive learning projects include learning quantum mechanics and becoming a skilled portrait artist. The progress that he made on all of these projects was insane.

So what do all of these crazy projects have in common? The answer, my Freedom Pact family is.. all of these projects are what Scott would define as an Ultralearning project.

Ultralearning is the detailed and practical science of learning hard skills at a rapid pace with a high level of effectiveness. The world isn’t the same anymore. 50 years ago, a 4-year degree would guarantee you a great career, now it’s not even a guaranteed foot in the door for a minimum wage position.

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