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#66: Dr. Anna Yusim - The Art Of Fulfilment

today on the show, we have got a wonderful, thought-provoking and highly-actionable conversation to bring to you to close the week.

We are joined by Dr Anna Yusim. Anna is a private psychiatrist located on the upper-east side of Manhattan, and is also a lecturer at Yale Medical school.

I could spend an entire podcast listing out all of the awards that Anna has won both as a student and in the field of psychology, but to name just a few Anna was awarded the Golden Award for the top thesis written in the humanities at Stamford, the Glasgow-Rubin award for women leaders at Yale medical school and also the National Institute of mental health outstanding research resident award.

Anna is also now a published author, with the release of her brand new book ‘Fulfilled: The Science of spirituality’ which our conversation is largely predicated upon today.

In today’s episode we delve into major concepts like fulfilment - what are the commonalities between the most fulfilled lives, how does one become fulfilled, how do we avoid fulfilment decoys, why fulfilment is more of an art than a science, then we look at things like spirituality and the incredible health benefits related to it. Overall, this is a fascinating conversation, and one I hope you guys enjoy.

Marianne Williamson once said that she admired those like Dr Anna Yusim, as they are the ones who are leading the charge.

Without any further ado,

Dr Anna Yusim - Welcome to the freedom pact.

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