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#65: Alex Hutchinson - Overcoming The Mental-Shackles Of Limiting Beliefs

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Welcome back - Freedom Pact family! What do you guys think of the new intro? We’ve ben playing around with it lately, we may make some slight changes to it. What do you guys think? Let us know if you like it by emailing us your thoughts - [email protected]

Anyway, Happy Monday. Today on the show, we are joined by nationally acclaimed journalist Alex Hutchinson.

Alex is the best-selling author of the fantastic book - Endure,which looks at expanding the human limits of the body and the mind.

The timing of this podcast couldn’t be any better, as I’m sure many of you know that on October 12th Eliud Kipchoge ran the first ever 2-hour marathon. Which we delve into, as well as many other aspects related to self-talk, increasing your cognitive and physical stamina.

I’ll give a quick sidetone, as many of you may be listening to these and thinking? Wait Joe, I’m not a runner I don’t care about running. What we discuss in this conversation isn’t specific to running. We discuss how to increase the human potential, and how to overcome the limiting beliefs and mental shackles that our mind plays on us. Which could be applied to growing a business, studying for an exam, writing a book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, and I highly recommend listening to the full thing as I feel like there’s so many takeaways throughout the episode.

Without any further ado, Alex Hutchinson - Welcome to the Freedom Pact.

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