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#59: Mark Mastrandrea - On His Most Valuable Lessons From Building An 8-Figure Business

Today on the show, we are joined by Mark Mastrandrea (@MarkBrazil).

The legend and co-founder of the fastest growing digital-art company in the world - ikonick.

iKonick, which embodies a number of thing like pop culture, and motivational art, was started by Mark and his co-founder Jeff Cole, after they spotted a niche in the affordable digital art market, and were sick of their dead-end jobs. Since then, they have scaled the brand from a dream into an 8-figure machine.

iKonick have partnered with entrepreneurial icons, like Scooter Braun, like Gary Vaynerchuk, like Eric Thomas the GOAT, as well as earning the licensing rights to the NBA, Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe, etc etc.


“I always say ‘learn or leave.’”

“I read to get something out of it.”

“We don’t do stuff to like look like we’re being successful, what we care about is actually being successful.”

“The biggest keys to our success has been a crazy work-ethic with being extremely self-aware.”

“You have to be a psycho to be an entrepreneur.”

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, or if you’re currently an entrepreneur and need a motivational message. This is the episode for you.

Without any further ado Freedom Pact Family, lets welcome a man that Dax Miller once commented ‘’He's got more energy than a Duracell, more style than the Dutchess, and can smell opportunity like a pig smells truffles.’’

Mark Mastrandrea - Welcome to the Freedom Pact.


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