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#58: Professor David Sinclair: Why We Age And Why We Don't Have To

What an absolute phenomenal episode we have in-store for you today.

Happy Monday, welcome back Freedom Pact Family!

Today on the show, we are joined by the current rockstar in the field of genetics and anti-aging - Professor David Sinclair.

David is a professor in the department of Genetics and is the co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Centre for the biology of ageing at Harvard Medical School.

The primary concern of David’s work is that of ageing - why we age, how to slow it down, and how to reverse it’s effects.

David’s work has been featured in 5 books, two documentary movies, 60 minutes, Morgan Freeman’s ‘’through the wormhole and various other media.

David is the owner of over 35 patent’s, and has received more than 25 awards including: Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world, The Australian commonwealth prize, the bio-innovator award, top 100 Australian innovators, the CSL prize and the Thompson prize.

As you can see - this guy is a fucking big deal.

The podcast David did with Joe Rogan, was recently at #2 worldwide, David’s also just released a fantastic book called ‘Lifespan: Why we age - and why we don’t have to which I read last week, and have already been applying to my own life.

As you can guess, this episode is all around the science of ageing and the strategies we can use to prevent it. I highly recommend you listen to the full thing, it’s a mind-blowing conversation.

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Lifespan: Why we age and why we don't have to:
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