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#57: Ryan Stewman - The Hardcore Closer On How To Recover From Devastation

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Happy Monday to you all, it’s the start of the week. Time to get after it, and turn these dreams into reality.

Today on the show, we have one of our most demanded guests on ever. We always ask you guys who you want on the show, and the amount of times in which people responded to our instagram stories on the Freedom Pact instagram or have emailed us with this guys name is absurd!

Today, we are joined by the @hardcorecloser himself - Ryan Stewman.

Ryan is a 6x best-selling author, is a regular contributor to sites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and the Goodlife Project.

Ryan started his sales journey when he was 13 years old. Ever since then this guy’s story is just crazy. Ryan built himself up to become a millionaire, then spent time in and out of prison, lost everything, then gained it all back. Now he’s the CEO of which is an online resource for sales people, with more 2m in gross sales.

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Back to the episode, on today’s show we have a man that Bryan Katzen described hiring Ryan as a mentor and a coach as ‘’the single best decision that he had ever made for his business.’’


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