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#49: Dr Jessamy Hibberd - Strategies & Tactics For Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Welcome back my Freedom Pact Family!

Today on the show, we are speaking to best selling author Dr Jessamy Hibberd

Jessamy is a London based clinical psychologist, and I was absolutely delighted to sit down with her and tackle the subject of imposter syndrome.

Jessamy is a Tedx speaker, an active consultant and spokeswoman. If you tune into LBC or women’s hour regularly, you’ll have more than likely have heard Dr Jessamy, alternatively you may have seen her work featured in major publications like the Guardian and Telegraph.

Have you ever been in a social or skilled setting and looked around and thought - I don’t belong here, I’m not as good as they think I am, I’ve got lucky etc It’s likely that it’s imposter syndrome. This is a hugely prevalent subject, something I myself have faced and I was so happy to discuss it with Jessamy.

We look at what it is, where imposter syndrome comes from, strategies, tactics, self-talk ideas for how to deal with it. If you would like more information on this, Jessamy does have a fantastic book on this called The imposter Cure, which you can pick up from the link below should you wish.

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