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#48 - Kevin Kelly - This Is How To Gain 1000 True Fans

Welcome back Freedom Pact family!

Guys before we begin, I want to issue an apology. In today’s episode, there was a slight sound issue which we’re really upset about.

We’ve invested heavily in recent months to provide you guys with the best possible audio experience possible, but something went wrong at parts in this episode. It’s not horrendous, but we are conscious of it and we’ll try our best to not let it happen again.

Today on the show we have the co-founder of Wired Magazine - Kevin Kelly. Kevin has been a multiple time Best seller, is a legendary futurist and has led Wired to winning the national magazine award for excellence which is the equivalent of the oscars. Pretty big deal if you ask me!

Kevin, is a go-to guy from Hollywood who have sought after his advice for the realistic future portrayals, and on top of this Kevin has had his own work featured in major publications like Life, Science, The New York times and the economist.

Just considering the magnitude of that achievement is something, but when you consider that Kevin actually dropped out of College to spend a decade photographing around Asia, in which he had to run a newsletter in Tehran to survive financially.

Many people know Kevin from his ideas surrounding the 1000 true fans. In this episode, we direct 3 major topics: How Kevin operates and how he made the decision to leave behind the standard path to go and create his own way, 1000 true fans, the meaning of it and how to get and keep them, and lastly we talk about AI.

Kevin Kelly -
Twitter: @kevin2kelly
IG: @freedompact