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#50: Noah Galloway - Injured Soldier On How To Turn Setbacks Into Success

Welcome back for Episode 50! What an unbelievable journey it’s been, and I promise you, we’re only just getting started.

For everyone that has listened, supported and interacted, we are eternally grateful and we couldn’t have picked a better group of people to share this journey with.

Stick around, because I assure you, things are growing fast.

On today’s episode, we are joined by American War-hero, best-selling author and previous star from the hit show Dancing with the stars Noah Galloway.

After Noah witnessed 9/11 happen, he felt so passionately about it that he immediately dropped out of college and went straight to the front lines.

It was during his second deployment, that his Humvee caught a tripwire and blew his vehicle up, leaving him within inches of life. The aftermath of this explosion saw Noah as an amputee losing his left arm and his left leg.

Overcoming the loss of two limbs wasn’t the only issue that Noah had to deal with. Since returning home, Noah has done multiple rounds in the ring with depression which he speaks so openly about and he’s spent 10 days in a county jail for a DUI.

Determined to not let this be his life, Noah completely reinvented himself and found solace in fitness. Noah decided to change his life, and since he made the decision he has run marathons, tough mudders, featured on the cover of Mens Health, appeared on Ellen, The today show and more notably he scored a 3-rd place finish on Dancing with the stars.

We were so intrigued by Noah’s story we wanted to find out what drives him, how he has managed depression and what we can do to reframe a negative set-back, which I assure you, is a huge component of success.

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