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#45: Steven Kotler - This Is What Mastery Looks Like Up Close

Welcome back for today’s episode, to the show that will actionable ideas, strategies, tactics and concepts that will take your performance and business to the next level.

We’ve got Steven Kotler @kotler.steven on the show today. Steven is one of the world’s leading experts into the science of peak performance as well as an award winning journalist.

Steven’s is a multiple time best-selling author, his work Stealing Fire was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, whilst President Bill Clinton said that Steven’s book ’Bold’ was a “visionary roadmap for change.” On top of this, Steven’s book “The rise of superman” was the first book in history to be on the best selling list for sports, psychology, science and business simultaneously. Not too bad! Steven’s also just released his latest work - Last Tango in cyberspace which I highly recommend you checking out.

Steven’s done fascinating work into the optimal human experience - commonly known as flow, he’s also broken more than 80 bones as an amateur extreme athlete.

Steven’s work has been translated into more than 40 languages and he’s appeared in more than 100 publications like Forbes, Wired and the Wall Street Jorunal.

In this conversation we discuss, flow, ultimate human performance, box breathing, Steven’s battle with Lyme disease and how he came within inches of killing himself, we also venture into eco psychology and discuss a lot of hugely important concepts.


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