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#44: Ollie Ollerton - Special Forces Soldier On How To Live Life On Your Own Terms

“The obstacles are the path.” - @ollie.ollerton

Matthew 'Ollie' Ollerton is a former Special Forces soldier and star of Channel 4's hit show, 'SAS: Who Dares Wins' alongside Ant Middleton, Jason Fox and Mark Billingham.

Ollie's military career began at just 18 years of age when he joined the Royal Marine Commandos and toured operationally in Northern Ireland and Operation Desert Storm in Iraq.

After a 6-month -long SAS selection process, Ollie joined the Special Boat Service where his missions included hostage rescue, counter terrorism and more.

Following his time in the Special Forces, Ollie headed to South East Asia, using his training to help others under a charity. Ollie led an operation to infiltrate child trafficking rings, one in which he saves 22 children destined for the sex trade.

In today's episode, Ollie recounts these stories and many more, including being attacked by a circus chimp at just 10 years of age.

OllIe‘s book - Break Point:
Ollie’s social media: @ollie.ollerton