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#46: Dr Tracey Marks - How To Recover From An Exhausted Brain

Welcome back Ladies & Gentleman!

Today on the Freedom Pact we are doing a very special episode into burnout with Dr Tracey Marks.

Before we go any further, we’re trial running this episode for the Thursday slot. We always release episodes on a Monday, but we’re trialling Thursdays to see how they do. We’re always looking for constructive feedback about the show. If you have any feedback, any guests you’d love to have on, or anything else you’d love to discuss please send us an email to [email protected] - We read everyone so please let us know.

Dr Marks is a psychiatrist who operates out of Atlanta, Georgia. I first stumbled upon Tracey on YouTube, as she has one of the biggest mental health and wellness channels on the internet.

Dr Marks is also a contributor to sites like the Huffington Post and has featured on Anderson Cooper.

In this episode, we are going to dig deep into one of the most problematic areas that you, our listeners have experienced or are experiencing - burnout. We’re going to look at how it happens, how to beat it and also numerous other self care strategies.

Remember, as an entrepreneur, student, executive, CEO, your greatest asset is yourself. I hope this episode goes someway to helping you with that.

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