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#43: Dan Schawbel - The #1 Networking Mistake We Need To Avoid

Welcome back Freedom Pact family!

Very special guest today on the show - As you can see from the title of this podcast we have Dan Schawbel @danschawbel on social media.

I’m not sure anybody can look at Dan and not be inspired by what he’s achieved by such a young age.

This is a man that Business Insider said that “If there’s anyone who knows about the keys to building a successful career it’s Dan Schawbel.”

Some of Dan’s other feats include being on the Forbes & Inc 30 under 30 lists, being a New York Times best selling author, working with companies like IBM, Google, Oracle and 33/500 of the Fortune 500 companies.

But for me, the tip of the Iceberg goes much further than that. Dan is a research expert. By numbers he’s interviewed more than 2000 people that were defined as successful people like Warren Buffett, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sheryl Sandberg.. you get the idea.

Dan has conducted 48 research studies into the keys to workplace and in doing so has had more than 2000 articles published for publications like Forbes, Fortune, The Harvard Business Review and The world economic forum.

In today’s episodes, you’re going to learn about Networking, mindset and also how we can become as Dan describes it “Back to human.”

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