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#42: MJ DeMarco - Why Millionaires Don’t Follow Their Passion

“Don’t chase your passion, chase market needs.” - @mj.demarco

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Back today for another episode - Today on the show we’re joined by none other than MJ DeMarco.

MJ is the best selling author of the book The Millionaire Fastlane, his latest book Unscripted has just hit the shelves and it is a very very interesting read.

MJ has a very interesting background - He founded which is a directory for people searching for Limos. From this site, MJ profited from leads. The business had both scale & magnitude so essentially he had created a money printing machine.

MJ sold the business once, then bought it back a year later - improved it and sold it for many, many more millions years later. MJ is also the founder of the Fastlane forum - which is an entrepreneurship based forum that will be linked alongside all of MJ’s other work below.

I see MJ as a real genius in the field of entrepreneurship and I don’t say that lightly. Most of the business decisions that I’ve made in my life have been based on the work that MJ has done. This is a fanastastic interview - I hope you all enjoy it.

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