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#31: Mikhail Kuznetsov - Copywriting, Tai Lopez & Suicide

“People don’t want to be sold, they want to be empowered to buy.”

In this episode of the Freedom Pact Podcast, we are joined by Mikhail Kuznetsov @mvkbiz. Mikhail is the current CMO of Real Social Dynamics, former copywriter for Tai Lopez and is one of the best worlds best copywriters.

Mikhail joins us today to discuss the mechanics of copywriting from a psychology point of view, as well as giving extremely practical tips & models that Mikhail uses himself that you can use to become a better marketer.

This episode breaks down other topics such as NLP, Mikhail’s recommended books to become an expert copywriter, abundance mindset, burnout, self-leadership and so much more.

Trigger warning: Mikhail’s extremely open and vulnerable about his mental health struggles and his close run in with suicide. If you feel as if this would impact you, please don’t listen between 1:14:06 - 1:36:05

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