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#30: Dr Gareth Ward - Inside the universe of a self-experimentalist

“You have to become okay with ambiguity.”

On this episode of the Freedom Pact Podcast, we are joined by Dr Gareth Ward. Gareth has a PHD in physics, and his thesis looked at the manipulation of sound with acoustic meta materials.

Gareth is a keen self experimentalist, and I know him more informally for completely turning his life around. Gareth lost 95lbs and has undergone a number of psychological paradigm shifts throughout his life.

In this episode you will learn: the formula Gareth used to lose 95lbs of weight and to gain a substantial amount of muscle, how to beat addiction, the books that have changed Gareth’s life and studying tips from a PHD graduate.

Other topics covered: mindfulness, meditation, nofap, pornography, overcoming social anxiety, and much much more.

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If you’re interested in Gareth’s work, you can check out his blog here -

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