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#115: Cristina Zenato - The Shark Whisperer On How To Face Your Fears & Live With Purpose

Cristina is one of the first in the world to have been able to induce a state of relaxation in the Caribbean Reef sharks through gentle touch. To the observer, this looks like the shark is falling asleep in her lap.

Sharks know her and her touch and seem to seek the connection and contact. Witnessing this interaction, directly while diving with Cristina or remotely by watching her numerous contributions to television documentaries and reading about her work in magazines, has created a change in perception from the general public. It has helped dissolve misconceptions and preconceptions about sharks. Cristina and her sharks have become ambassadors for many other species and animals in the world. Through her work, she helps her sharks by removing hooks from their mouths and parasites. She helps scientists collect data to support research and has developed a Caribbean Reef Shark Diver Distinctive Specialty.

Cristina was the initiator of the movement that resulted in the full protection of sharks in the entire Bahamas.

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