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#116: Rutger Bregman - Why You Should Feel Hopeful About The Future Of The World

“A cynical view of human nature has always been in the interest of those in power... It’s just easier to rule people who are scared.” - @Rcbregman

Rutger Bregman is an author and a historian. Rutger's first book 'Utopia for realists' was a best-seller and his latest book 'Humankind: A Hopeful History' is out in stores now. You may know Rutger from going viral multiple times. First he took on billionaires at Davos and raised the issues of taxes. Then he went toe to toe with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, and more recently he published his 'real life lord of the flies' story which also blew up.

In this episode we ponder the question of ''Are humans fundamentally good or evil?''

Show Notes:
- Rutger's view on human nature
- Why Soldiers return from war with PTSD
- The evolutionary basis of why we're actually pretty decent
- When Rutger discovered the real life Lord of the flies and what actually happened
- Why we should be asking more from institutions and less from people
- Is it a case of survival of the friendliest?
- How Power corrupts human nature

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