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#35: Dr. Meg Jay - A Talk For The Twenty-Something’s

“This is probably the only life you’ll ever have, go ahead and start living it today.”

What is going on Freedom Pact Family! Back for episode 35, and on today’s episode we are speaking to Dr Meg Jay.

Dr Meg Jay released the epic book “The Defining Decade” and you may know her more personally from her Ted talk “Why 20 is NOT the new 30.” Which has been viewed some-10 million times. Wow!

In today’s episode you’re going to learn all about the myth that if you’re in your 20’s you’ve got time to make things happen. A relationship, a career, a family.. We’re always told that there’s time. That everything will just work it ourself out. Trust me, it won’t. And holding out for a miracle won’t help either.

You’re going to learn why Dr Jay believes that people that take on more responsibility have more meaning and are also happier people, whilst simultaneously why people that avoid meaning and responsibility are conversely unhappier.

Overall, this was a fantastic episode, and we can’t thank Meg enough for coming on. You can find her at:

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