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#98: Vishen Lakhiani - How To Bend Reality And Make The Impossible Possible

Today on the show, we are joined by Vishen Lakhiani. Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of MindValley which Vishen built from nothing to having now surpassed 12 million students, activist and best-selling author of the hit book The Code of the extraordinary mind.

Vishen says that his mission is to raise human consciousness, he takes aim with Brules and coined one of my all time favourite phrases - the culturescape, which defines a set of limiting beliefs that stops people exploring unconventional paths.

In this conversation with Vishen, we discuss his latest book the Buddha and the badass, how to bend reality, we ask is hard work a myth or not, how to upgrade our identity and we also discuss Vishens activism work against Coca-cola and Nestle.


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