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#97: Dr David Buss - The Sobering Science of Human Mating & How To Get Better At It

Today on the show we are joined by one of psychology’s most legendary ever figures - Professor David Buss.

David is a professor of psychology at the University of Austin, and his work into evolutionary psychology, specifically into human mating, mate selection, mate attraction and conflicts between the sexes have led to him winning multiple awards: that include being cited more than 70,000 times, being named one of the 50 most influential psychologists in the world, as well as one of the top 30 most influential psychologists living today.

We discuss the traits that you should absolutely look to avoid in a partner, as well as the ones that you should seek out, what happens when there’s a ratio imbalance of the sexes, we discuss human nature and how we can leverage it, how men and women differ in their mating strategies, why there’s so much more at risk for women when selecting a partner and what we can do to give us a better chance of finding a better mate.

I would highly recommend listening to the full thing as this episode really does kick into life.

Topics Discussed:
- What is evolutionary psychology?
- Why do people try to disown the dark sides of human nature?
- Why do women have so much more at risk in human mating?
- What happens when there’s more one of one sex in a specific location?
- Are 80% of women pursuing the top 20% of men?
- Why muscularity in men is valuable in the sexual marketplace
- What traits should we look to avoid in a romantic mate

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