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#95: Dr Suzanne Iasenza - Sex Therapist On The Journey From Dysfunction To Erotic Discovery

I think this is one of the most interesting episodes we’ve done.

Today, on the show, we are joined by Dr Suzanne Iasenza.

Suzanne, is a practising psychologist that specialises in couples sex therapist and is a faculty member at the Ackerman Institute in New York City.

Suzanne also writes on topics like human sexuality. She’s just released her latest book ‘’Transforming Sexual narratives.’’ Which is what this conversation is all about.

We discuss these secret sexual stories that we carry, the implications that online dating has had on the modern world, whether Suzanne is still optimistic or not about relationships after 25-years of clinical practise. We also discuss whether you can have sex without desire, whether there needs to be an orgasm for sex to be pleasurable and so much more.

This was such a pleasure to be able to speak with someone who has the level of expertise and experience that Suzanne has, and I really think that this episode will blow your mind. No pun intended.

Topics Discussed:
- Can we have sex without desire?
- Does there need to be an orgasm for sex to be pleasurable?
- What are sexual narratives?
- What is Suzanne's view on modern dating & relationships?
- The impact of online dating apps
- Why all sex is group sex

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Suzanne's latest book Transforming Sexual Narratives: