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#82: Lauren Zander - Being The Hero Of Your Own Story

Lauren Zander is one of the most accomplished life coaches in the world. Lauren is the Co-founder of Handel group and has coached Grammy and academy awarding artists, Fortune 500 CEO’s, handle method has been taught in 35 university across the world like MIT, Yale and stamford.

Lauren has been featured in just about every major publication you can think of, from the Harvard business review, to Forbes to the New York Times to Mens’s and Women’s Health, the BBC and many others.
Lauren is also the author of the fantastic book - Maybe it’s you. Which is a phenomenal book that looks at the philosophies of personal power and how to take ownership of your life.

I had a sensational conversation with Lauren about relationships, self-sabotage, raising consciousness, overcoming limiting belief and so much more.
Forest Whitaker once said that Lauren does not mince words, and her authentic and straight to the point, self-ownership style is exactly what I believe in.Without any further ado, I hope you enjoy this conversation, with Lauren Zander.

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