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#63: Frank Turner - On Why 'Little Changes' Can Lead To Monumental Results

Hey Hey Freedom Pact!

Welcome back to the show, happy Monday to you all.

Well, what an episode we’ve got to kick the week off for you.

Today on the show, we are joined by Frank Turner. @frankturner

Frank Turner is an English Punk and folk singer, having released 8 solo albums, and is the winner of multiple highly notable music awards such as the Kerrang & AIM awards.

Frank has created an incredible listenership, and one of the most amazing things about Frank is how he’s used his platform and his music to tackle issues which are so prominent in today’s society.

Having played over 2400+ shows, visiting 48 countries in the process, Turner is noted for his work-ethic as well as the meaning that drives his songs.

Frank is also an author, studied at the London School of Economics, and studied alongside prince William at Eton - Not bad!

We sat down with Frank to discuss major aspects of his journey, things like his career start, work-ethic, how do you deal with getting 100 death threats per day, mastering your craft, mental health - Frank’s experiences with CBT, and much much more.

before we start, I have to say that Frank is obviously a very renowned name and it’s fairly difficult to get an interview with people of this stature. At the time of the recording, Frank was on tour of America playing live shows, when we contacted him to do to the interview, he was about 30 minutes away from a sound check, so about half way through the interview you will hear live music - we apologise, but hope that the content can make it up.

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Without any further ado, Frank Turner - Welcome to the freedom Pact.


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