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#62: Brad Lea - Patience Will Destroy You; Do THIS Instead

‘’Patience will kill you, it will rob you of your hopes and dreams.’’ - @therealbradlea

Happy Monday Freedom Pact Family! We are delighted to start the week with another fantastic episode.

Today, on the show, we are joined by the founder of Lightspeed VT - which is a world-leading platform into interactive based sales training - it is Brad Lea.

Brad is a widely renowned speaker, entrepreneur, podcaster, and influencer.

Brad has been involved in the sales world for more than 25 years, and is right at the helm of the current sales-world through the business which he does.

We sat down for this engaging chat with Brad, and we covered so so many topics. In this podcast, you will learn:

- Why Brad elected for a sales based career and the ability to do so
- The 7B model that will take your life to the next level
- Why opportunity is abundant & the analogy that Brad gives to back this up
- Brad’s opinion on why you shouldn’t save money
- What Brad would do if he was starting over again & so so much more

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Without any further ado, lets welcome a man onto the show that Daymond John commented saying ‘’no one is leading the way better than Brad Lea.’’

Brad Lea, welcome to the Freedom Pact.


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