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#40: Dr Loretta Breuning - Leveraging Your Neurochemicals For Happiness

“Nothing is wrong with you.”

Today on the show, we have got Dr Loretta Breuning.

Loretta is the founder of the inner mammal institute and a professor at California State University.

Loretta is the author of major neuroscience books such as Habits of a happy brain & The Science of positivity.

Loretta has been featured in major publications like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Psychology Today and Dr Oz to name a few.

This is a wonderful episode with Dr Breuning, which will help you build some sort of control over your mammalian brain.

Why should you be interested in this episode? I’ll explain. Essentially we’ve all inherited chemicals. Oxcytocin, Seretonin, endorphin and dopamine are all in continual flux within our brain.

This episode will give you an insight into so much practical lessons from Loretta that include what these major chemicals are and how we can use them. We delve into questions like anti-depressants, when they are useful to use and how to use them.

This idea that Loretta has called ‘victim goggles’ which I highly recommend listening to and we look at Loretta’s ideas on gratitude, and focusing on the locus of control and we delve into Loretta’s frameworks that is talked about in her works.

Overall, I thought it was a thoroughly engaging conversation with Dr Breuning and I hope you guys enjoy it.

You can find Loretta here:
@innermammal - Twitter
Loretta Breuning PHD - Facebook

Dr Breuning’s books:
Habits of a Happy Brain -
The Science Of positivity -
How I escaped Political Correctness And you can too -

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