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#39: Annie Duke - How to make decisions like a world Poker champion

''Life is more like Poker than chess.'' - @annieduke

What's going on guys? Back once again for a very special episode! We've been speaking to former world series of Poker champion Annie Duke.

Annie's story is so fascinating. Originally Annie began her journey flourishing academically. Majoring in english and psychology, before pursuing a doctorate in cognitive linguistics. It all looked set for a nice life in academic circles...

But everything changed for Annie, when she got sick and needed to find a way to make some money. This led her to poker. The combination of a cognitive psychology base, Annie's own characteristics and ''luck'' as Annie says, led her to become the 2004 World series of Poker champion.

Annie's book is called 'Thinking in bets: Making Smarter Decisions when you don't have all the facts.' And I can testify and say it's a fantastic read. You can get a copy here:

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