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#312: Tammy Peterson - Terminal Illness, Religion, Marriage & More

In this episode of the Freedom Pact podcast, we are joined by the wonderful Tammy Peterson for her second appearance on the show. Tammy joins us to discuss her journey with being diagnosed with and recovering from a seemingly terminal illness, her relationship with religion and how it has developed, and what she has learned about marriage and relationships over the course of her strong and happy marriage with Jordan Peterson.

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0:00 Intro
00:46 Touring With Jordan
06:43 Diagnosed With Terminal Illness
09:50 Jordan’s Biblical Lectures
16:10 Fighting A “100% Fatal” Illness
21:38 The Night Before Surgery
28:17 Peterson Family’s Experience
31:46 AD Sponsor
33:33 Peterson’s 30th Wedding Anniversary
35:48 Marriage Advice
45:00 Keeping Romance Alive
1:01:00 Connect With Tammy
1:02:32 More From Freedom Pact

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