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#313: Neil Oliver - The Most Compelling Ghost Stories In British History

Neil Oliver is a Scottish archaeologist, historian, broadcaster, and writer. In this episode of the Freedom Pact podcast, Neil discusses the history of Ghosts in Britain and wether the famous tales of hauntings have any credibility as we dance around the age old question: Do you believe in ghosts?

0:00 Intro
1:55 Being Open Minded
7.50 The ‘Wee Black Car’
17:00 People Who Believe
28:50 Emotional Residue
33:20 Ghost Hunters
46:05 The ‘Brown Lady’ Photograph
52:20 Why does Britain have so many ghost stories?
1:00:40 Connect With Neil

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Check out Neil’s book, ‘Hauntings: A Book of Ghosts and Where to Find Them Across 25 Eerie British Locations’ -

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