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#297: Patrick Foster - My £2 Million Gambling Addiction Almost Cost Me My Life

Patrick Foster is a former professional cricketer, insurance broker and school teacher whose life was shattered by a pathological gambling addiction that brought him to the verge of taking his own life in March 2018.

Now, a few years into recovery, Patrick is the Director of Educational Programmes for EPIC Risk Management, a leading independent gambling harm-minimisation consultancy in the UK and Ireland, specialising in the identification and prevention of problematic gambling. Using his experience, he works with schools, companies and individuals, young and old, raising awareness of the dangers of gambling and gaming. By sharing his own story, he hopes to help others identify if they, or someone around them, are experiencing addiction and inspire them to reach out for help.

He is the author of Might Bite, his brutally honest account of over a decade of pathological gambling addiction to recovery and beyond.

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00:00-00:34 Intro
00:34-04:32 Contemplating Death
04:32-07:14 Stigma Of Gambling Addiction
07:14-09:40 Ivan Toney & Celebrity Addictions
09:40-12:46 The Invisible Addiction
12:46-16:12 Patrick’s First Bet
16:12-20:00 Gambling 2 Million Pounds
20:00-24:40 Increasing The Stakes
24:40-30:28 Borrowing Money To Gamble
30:28-34:48 Losing 50k On One Horse
34:48-39:40 Gambling & Relationships
39:40-44:50 How To Spot An Addict
44:50-48:37 Gambling Adverts
48:37-53:06 Kids Games & Gambling
53:06-55:51 The Problem With Dan Bilzarian
55:51-1:00:00 Educating Children
1:00:00-1:03:04 Where To Find Patrick

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