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#286: Ellen Langer - Famed Harvard Psychologist Reveals How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mind

Ellen Langer is a professor in the Psychology Department at Harvard University. Her books written for general and academic readers includeMindfulness and The Power of Mindful Learning, and the forthcoming Mindful Creativity.

Dr. Langer has described her work on the illusion of control, aging, decision-making, and mindfulness theory in over 200 research articles and six academic books. Her work has led to numerous academic honors including a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest of the American Psychological Association, the Distinguished Contributions of Basic Science to Applied Psychology award from the American Association of Applied & Preventive Psychology, the James McKeen Cattel Award, and the Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize.

In this conversation today, Ellen & I discuss:
- Her thought process behind some of her notable studies
- Why she was chosen to become the first tenured Professor of Psychology at Harvard
- Mindfulness and Mindlessness
- The illusion of control
- The power of mindset in dealing with stress
- The power of your vocabulary
- Much more