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#208: Dr Kelly McGonigal - Stanford Psychologist Explains Why Movement Will Change Your Life

This is episode 208. Today on the show, we are joined by Dr Kelly McGonigal.

Kelly is a world-leading health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University. Kelly’s previous books include the joy of movement, the willpower instinct and the upside of stress. Kelly’s Ted talk’s combined have over 20 million views, and she was called by Oprah magazine a visionary.

In today’s episode, we discuss the effect that movement has on the body. We look at this from the evolutionary perspective, why we’ve evolved to feel so good after a run or a workout, we look at why exercise triggers what Kelly has called ‘’hope molecules’’, we discuss whether movement can end the epidemics of loneliness, anxiety and depression that are unfortunately so prominent in the world and we also examine how movement can be used as a tool for connection, not just to ourselves and others, but to the entire planet.

I hope that you enjoy this conversation, with the superb Kelly McGongial.

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