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#174: Dr Irvin Yalom - Death, Love, Grief & What Truly Matters In The End

Dr Irvin David Yalom is an American existential psychiatrist who is emeritus professor of psychiatry at Stanford University, as well as an author of both fiction and nonfiction.

A year-long journey by renowned psychiatrist Irvin Yalom, and his wife, esteemed feminist writer Marilyn Yalom, after her terminal diagnosis, as they reflect on how to love and live without regret. With the wisdom of those who have thought deeply, and the familiar warmth of teenage sweethearts who've grown up together, they investigate universal questions of intimacy, love, and grief. Buy 'A Matter of Death and Life' here:

In today's episode, we discuss:

- Irvin & Marilyn's relationship
- The difficulties that they faced together
- Physician assisted end of life treatment
- Dying with few regrets
- Processing grief
- Living a meaningful life
- Much more

Quote: ''Mourning is the price that we pay for loving others.''

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