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#125: Dr Neal Barnard - The Whole Foods Plant-Based Approach For Optimal Health & Avoiding Dementia

Today on the show - we have a massive name in the health & nutrition space. Dr Neal Barnard.

The question we’ll be exploring today - is a whole foods plant based diet optimal for our health? Who better to give us their side of the argument than the 2011 indictee into the vegetarian hall of fame than Neal.

Neal Barnard, MD, is president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, founder of the Barnard Medical Center, an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine. His federally funded diabetes research revolutionized the nutritional approaches to type 2 diabetes, and he now aims to empower readers with life-changing information on hormones and health.

I know this is a tribal field. Whatever you’re dietary choices are, we don’t judge and there’s guaranteed to be something in this episode for everyone. We discuss erectile dysfunction, does soy really give you breast cancer, preventing Alzheimers, the role of hormones and so so much more.

I hope you enjoy this episode with the renowned Dr Neal Barnard.

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