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#124: Professor Donald Hoffman on Consciousness, Reality and Evolution

Today on the show, we are joined by Professor Donald Hoffman. Donald Hoffman is an American cognitive psychologist at the University of California.

We’ve got a mind-blowing episode for you today, and one that may needed to be re-listened to multiple times. In Doanld’s book 'The Case Against Reality', Donald argues that perception doesn’t present things as they are but instead acts like a desktop interface enabling us to interact with the world.

Donald’s theory in the Case against reality is that evolution has pulled the wool over our eyes and for that reason, we don’t see reality as it is. What a sensational claim.

In this podcast, we examine the very foundations of consciousness. What it is, why we haven’t found a theory for it yet, will we ever find one and Donald’s mathematical theory of consciousness. We also explore other ideas that include why is evolution hiding reality from us?

What is the nature of consciousness is one of the biggest unanswered questions in science today. Here, we take a crack at it. I hope you enjoy this episode, with the incredibly thought provoking Professor Donald Hoffman.

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