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#54: Robert Greene - These Are the Keys To Becoming A Master Of Human Nature

Today we are speaking to one our heroes.

Today’s guest is the best-selling author of multiple books that include the 48 laws of Power, The art of Seduction, Mastery, 33 strategies of War and his latest book - The laws of human nature.

Robert Greene has regularly featured in rap culture as he is viewed as one of history’s most prominent figures into power, seduction and strategy. Robert’s name has been mentioned in songs by people like Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Rick Ross. Robert also released a book with 50-cent which was conveniently named the 50th law.

Robert’s books have sold millions and millions of copies. In fact, the content underpins such key elements in power and human nature that his books have been banned by the majority of US prisons, and it’s even widely reported that Fidel Castro has even read his books.

Robert is also fluent in 5 languages, is a student of Zen Buddhism, and is the mentor to Ryan Holiday.

As you can guess, Robert’s a major hero of ours. This is an enormous privilege for us, and it seems so surreal that this is where we’re at in our journey.

Today we’ll be discussing the laws of human nature, mastering our emotional selves, strategies for influencing others and a few personal questions into Robert’s life.


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