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#321 Nick Pope - UK Government UFO Investigator Reveals All About His Career & Strangest Sightings

Nick Pope worked for the UK Ministry of Defence for 21 years where he headed up the British government’s UFO programme. His duties included researching and investigating the UFO phenomenon, to assess the defense, national security, and safety of flight implications.

In this episode, we discuss:
- How Nick Headed Up The Government UFO Program?
- The Purpose Of The UFO Program?
- How Serious The Government Take The Possibility Of Aliens
- Would The Government Tell The Public If They Had Proof of Aliens?
- Are The Government Drip-Feeding Us Information?
- The Cosford Incident
- The Rendlesham Forrest Incident
- Bob Lazar
- Area 51
- Ancient Alien Theory
- Project Blue Beam
- Mexico’s Alien ‘Proof’
& more

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