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#92: Dr. Will Bulsiewicz - Fiber, Healing, Longevity and Optimising the Microbiome

Will is an award-winning, and board certified gastroenterologist who both practises and researches at the cutting edge of science related to gut-health.

Many of you will remember the episode we did with Will or Dr B, from an episode we did last year entitled “The scary secrets of the microbiome” that episode blew up, we still get tagged in it to this day. For our listeners that may be interested in hearing that episode it is episode 33.

Today on the show, I sat down with Will again, but this time it was to discuss his latest book Fiber Fuelled. We speak about the power of Fiber, using food as a tool to heal, Dr B’s superfoods recommendations, his thoughts on the increasingly-popular Carnivore diet, fasting and much much more.

Get a copy of Will’s latest book Fiber Fueled here:

Without any further ado. Please welcome back the guest who has our second most ever downloaded episode. Dr Will Bulsiewicz.