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#75: Alan Weiss - On Why You're Only A Failure If You Never Try

Welcome back ladies & gentleman.

We want to start this episode off by paying our enormous gratitude to you. Lewis & I reminisced over this year and there’s just such a surreal feeling around the show. Since January, our downloads have increased by 1900%, we’ve brought legendary figures like Robert Greene, Dean Graziosi, David Sinclair and many others to the show, and this sincerely wouldn’t be possible without you.

Thousands of you tune in each month, and as the year comes to an end we’re promising you that on your own journey to Freedom, we’re going to bring you the best guests and the best content to help you in that journey.

So from us here, we hope that this holiday season brings you blessings, and re-join us at the start of the year, because we’re going to take things to a whole another level.

Today on the show, we are joined by the legendary entrepreneur and the man that Marshall Goldsmith described as ‘’the finest entrepreneurial coach in the world’’ - it’s Alan Weiss.

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