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#73: Kute Blackson - On Why We Should Embrace Death To Live Fully

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Kute was born to the miracle man of Ghana in Western Africa, and by the age of 8 his father who is a revered spiritual leader, thrust Kute into the limelight and started delivering weekly congregations in his family church. By the age of 14 Kute was speaking to 100’s of thousands of people through a network of over 300 churches.

Despite a path looming as the leader of his father’s religious network, Kute decided that this wasn’t his path and decided to move to Los Angeles in 1995 with next to no money to become the next Opera. In this pursuit of greatness, Kute hunted down the likes of Steven Spielberg and Richard Branson to give him his shot in the limelight, all which we cover in today’s episode.

Today, Kute is a best-selling of author of the book ‘you are the one’, an expert into the human potential, and a highly demanded key-note speaker.

Kute’s revloutionary program called the Liberation Experience, in which he travels across India one-on-one with a client is the most transformative program I’ve ever heard of. The client is removed of their passport, their money, and their sense of self. Kute begins the trip by asking the client to write their will, and letters in which they don’t come back. Along the way, they will bathe in the Ganges river, visit the poorest slums in the world and encounter enlightened yogi’s along the way amongst many other things.

Kute is certainly an expert in the human potential and freeing ourselves from societal conditioning and we couldn't be any more excited to connect.

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