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#71: Dean Graziosi - On Why Being An Underdog In Life Is Your Biggest Advantage

Today on the Freedom Pact Podcast. We are joined by one of the biggest names in the entrepreneurship space today - Dean Graziosi.

Dean is an absurdly successful real-estate entrepreneur having featured on television every single day for 16 years, in what was one of the most-profitable direct-selling television shows ever generating $100’s of millions of dollars.

Dean Is a multiple time best-selling author, with his previous book the Millionaire Success Habits having sold over a million copies, as well as Dean’s other books 30 days to real estate cash and totally fulfilled completely dominating the non-fiction charts.

These days, you’ll find Dean recognised as one of America’s top success coaches, who has masterminds that will cost in excess of 6 figures to enter into them, as well as Dean business partnering with Tony Robbins. Pretty Cool.

However, it hasn’t always been like this for Dean. Dean grew up in extreme poverty. As a child he was sleeping on a mattress inside a bathroom, never made it to college and he had a learning disability. Dean built his life with literally nothing other than sheer determination as a teenager when he was chopping wood, repairing cars and knocking on 1000’s of doors.

Dean says that he is no smarter than the average person, however he has utilised the power of being an underdog in life and how it fuelled him.

Lets give it for the man that Sir Richard Branson paid tribute to by saying ‘’Dean is the type of entrepreneur that makes the world a better place.

Dean Graziosi, Welcome To the freedom pact.

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