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#52: Evan Carmichael & David Meltzer - How To Gain Millions Of Followers

Welcome Back! So Freedom Pact family, we’ve got a CRAZY episode for you guys today.

This episode is specific to social media strategy and how we can get our message, our products and our services seen by the market place.

This episode is perfect for anyone trying to grow a social media presence, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging whatever your platform is you should be able to get some great advice.

To do so for this episode, we’ve tracked down some of the most effective people on the planet at doing this. Our guests today are people that are absolutely smashing the social media game, and they haven’t had to make any porn videos to do so. If you combine the number of followers between these guys, there’s more than 3 million active followers.

We’re joined by Evan Carmichael @evancarmichael & David Meltzer @davidmeltzer

Let’s start with Evan. His official bio is that Evan sold a biotech company at 19, was a venture capitalist at 22 raising $15m dollars. Now he runs one of Youtube’s biggest entrepreneurials channel’s with more than 2m subscribers, is the founder of believe nation, holds 2 world-records.

Evan has recieved accolades such as being one of Forbes Top 40 Social Media talents and one of Inc’s 25 must-follow Key note speakers you need to know.

David Meltzer on the other hand - wow. David won the 2014 Humanitarian of the year award for sports, is the founder of Sports 1 Marketing, has a net worth of $120m dollars, is a best-selling author, podcaster, judge and star of the brilliant elevator pitch.

This episode will give you the strategies tactics and knowledge to be able to build your personal or business brand as big as you could possibly want it. We’ve recruited the best people in the world for this episode, so I’m sure you’ll be able to take something from it.

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The format of the show will be Evan up first, and then David will swiftly follow afterwards.

Without any further ado - Evan Carmichael & David Meltzer - Welcome to the Freedom Pact.


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